Businesses of all kinds rely on custom vehicles and equipment to serve their customer’s on-location needs. We would love to meet with you and create a unique, custom Embassy™Commercial vehicle that will exceed all your expectations.



SVO Group, Inc. specializes in producing amazing vehicles for the mobile pet grooming and medical instrument services industries. Our direct involvement with partners in these markets help us to create superior vehicles that meet every specific need unique to their operation and success.

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SVO Group Inc. has designed and manufactured some of the most rugged, efficient and serviceable vehicles working today. We take the same principles and processes featured in our Class B RV and use them to create some of the best commercial vehicles you can buy anywhere.
Embassy™ Commercial Vehicles are made to work and they work hard. They’re designed to be dependable day in, day out, and to be long-lasting for the years to come. Our choice of materials and structural components ensure that your vehicle is one that won’t wear out or give up when you need it most.
High-quality structural and surface materials.
Efficient design for easy vehicle servicing.
On the occasion when you do need to service your Embassy™ Commercial Vehicle, we’ve made it easier with intelligent layouts and easy access to all the vital systems you depend on. SVO Group, Inc. strives to avoid unwanted vehicle down time caused by the use of sub-standard materials or overly-complex configurations. Trust Embassy™ to get you get back to work faster.